Выкройка - готовые лекала

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The Bricola collection.

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In Venice, paline and bricole(group of three paline) are timber poles, planted in the Laguna seabed. The first ones are used as boat moorings whilst the second ones have the vital function of indicating the boundaries of the deepest part of the Laguna, that is to say the area which can be navigated without risks. Legislation regulating the selection and use of such timbers poles dates back to 1493 and it has remained almost unchanged until present day; however we are now seeing the introduction of the first plastic paline which are replacing the traditional oak logs.


The reason for this change lays in the fact that the wooden poles need to be periodically substituted, on average every ten years, due to corrosion at tide levels. During their staying in the Laguna, these logs are deeply sculpted by Teredo Navalis, a mollusc that, whilst allowing the inner core of the log to remain incredibly healthy and strong, nonetheless leaves traces of its passing on the wooden surface in the form of shapes and striking designs made of perfectly circular holes.


The Bricola collection, accordingly to the concept of raw materials re-utilisation, is born by a determination to exploit the timber of these historical poles. High quality oak and considerable sizes, timber which was sourced for its uniformity and then tempered by salt, by water and sun cycles, by cold and by warmth, sculpted by molluscs and become, with time, a totally unique wood, precious, romantic and noble thanks to its own intrinsic features and to its historical weight. Hence the choice of treating only first class logs, employing an exclusive way of sawing the wood, specifically designed for every single bricola log, always unique, and in order to obtain the most enchanting pieces with the least waste.


In this collection, the wood of the bricole, corroded by the sea, marries the iron element, oxidised by air, and is then combined with either glass, tempered in the birthplace of Italian artistic glass production, or with varying volumes of a special transparent resin, able to fill its empty cavities and thus protecting its precious details forever.


The bricole’s external surface is left intentionally intact, in order for the markings left by tides and molluscs to act as reminders of the Venetian sojourn of this characteristic recovered timber. All parts sawn from bricola poles undergo accurate and painstaking washing, cleaning, drying and disinfection procedures and they are finally protected by a thin layer of beeswax.


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