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Sewing Patterns. Tips and Tricks to Alter, Trace and Use a Multiple Sized Pattern.

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  • Размер шрифта: Больше Меньше
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The economical, and easy to alter way, to buy a pattern, is to buy a multiple sized pattern in one envelope. The economical aspect only works if you trace off the pattern size you need and save the original pattern for future use. Patterns for children are much more economical if you can buy multi-sized patterns and use the larger sizes in the future as the child grows.

A multi-sized pattern is much easier to make minor sizing alterations. As you trace the pattern you can gently go from one size to another by following the lines for the various sizes. For example, to alter a pants pattern and have a size 12 waist and a size 14 hip, you will watch the hip line of the pattern and gradually change from the size 12 waist line area to the size 14 line in the hip line area. Be sure you are keeping the changes even on all the connecting pattern pieces. 

When ever you are making an alteration and you are unsure of the results, it's worth the time to make a scrap copy from an old sheet or that bargain bin fabric that you wonder why you bought it. When possible, use the same type of fabric as the fabric you will be using for the garment to get the full picture of how the pattern will drape and hang in the finished garment. 

Most of the new multi-sized patterns have dot, dash and solid lines to indicate the lines for the various sizes. These lines can be hard to see when you are trying to trace the lines. If you run into a visibility issue, use a bright colored pencil on the pattern lines to make them more visible. 


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