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Sewing Patterns. How to Find Unusual Sewing Patterns

Добавлено : Дата: в разделе: Выкройка - готовые лекала
  • Размер шрифта: Больше Меньше
  • Просмотров: 1894
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Beyond Simplicity, Butterick, and Vogue.

Before Ebenezer and Ellen Butterick invented the modern tissue dressmaking pattern in 1863, women had to draw the patterns on their yard goods after consulting dressmaking charts and diagrams in women's magazines. Once they had a pattern that worked, they traced it on muslin or newspaper and used it again and again. These hard-working women quickly embraced the convenience of a ready-made pattern as most of them still sewed almost every dress worn by their families.

I have in my own collection patterns that span fifty years. I have learned to alter patterns and to draft my own patterns when I can't find a commercial pattern. Still, I will use a printed pattern whenever I can to save time. I'd like to share some of my favorite non-traditional pattern collections. These patterns fall into several categories:

Modest clothing, ranging from Amish modesty to just-not-trashy modesty,

Costume patterns for church and school plays,

Outdoor clothing and accessories designed for modern performance fabrics, and

Historically accurate clothing for reenactors or costumers.

Check out the following and perhaps you will decide to add some unusual and fun patterns to your own collection.

Pattern Shopping Links.

Renaissance Costume Patterns

All types of Renaissance costume patterns. Mens, womens, childrens, dresses, bodice, capes, they're all here.

Green Pepper Outdoor Patterns

Seattle Fabrics provides outdoor fabrics, patterns, hardware and notions for all your sewing needs.

Folkwear Sewing Patterns

Folkwear sewing patterns for ethnic clothing, period costumes, historic clothing patterns, art to wear

Past Patterns

Historically accurate patterns for living history or theatre.

Modest Sewing Patterns and Sewing Kits

Modest Handmaidens offers a wide selection of Modest Sewing Patterns.

Sewing Patterns - Simply Modest Swimwear

Custom made modest swimwear, sewing patterns and products for swimmers of all ages. Excellent for sun protection!

Amish and Plain clothing patterns from Friends Patterns

Shop online at Friends Patterns for Amish and Plain Clothing Patterns.


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